About us

The City of Washington’s Department of Parks and Recreation strives to offer the people of Washington and surrounding areas the opportunity to develop their leisure time and interests. Diverse activities and programs promote enrichment of life and create outlets for developing physical fitness, sportsmanship, leadership and cultural arts. The interaction of people participating in a common interest enables them to grow and prosper in unity of family and community spirit. We hope to offer every citizen some opportunity to belong, to achieve, to develop skills and techniques, and to receive recognition through these associations.

Parks and Recreation facilities operated by the department include a new youth sports complex with baseball, softball and soccer fields; an aquatic and fitness center; gymnasium; outdoor basketball courts; waterfront parks; playgrounds; boat launching facilities, boat docking facilities and more!

Administrative offices are located at 310 W. Main Street, Suite 200, Washington. For more information call (252) 975-9367 for more information or click here to send us an email.